Plack Edition Exhaust v4.0  $675  Includes Shipping

Plack v4.0

After breaking welds from "spirited driving" twice and repairing it in different ways, the solution to adding the perfect sound to the Lotus Evora has finally been developed.

Specifics on the exhaust
  • Horsepower Gain: 11.5 HP
  • Torque Gain: 15 FT/LB
  • Weight Savings: ~40 LBS

Third-cat/resonator & muffler

Removes the third-cat/resonator and muffler.


Direct bolt on for all 2010+ Evoras.  Please indicate year and model when purchasing.

Sound additives

Gurgles and pops
- lots of them


Minimal drone exists between 2500~2900 RPM
- simply shift to fix

Stainless Steel

Tips chosen look ALMOST stock - they are twin tips and slanted. (please contact us if you require a different can be done at an additional cost).


No check engine lights - there hasn't been any reported issues with passing emissions during an inspection.

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Once you go "Plack" you never go back!


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